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I am a conservative, libertarian constitutionalist, and a staunch defender of free speech, regardless of ideology or IQ. Always let stupid people talk. It makes them easier to identify.

Leaving our children as free as our parents left us is a war without end. Best we quit whining about it, and get to fighting it.

They also use up less space in the capsules. I'm convinced. Shoot the crippled up into space!
Be the reason a Mastodon user returned to Twitter

I don’t think Democrats understand the disaster they are engineering by destroying the integrity of elections.

As Jefferson put it in the Declaration, “…whereby the Legislative powers, incapable of Annihilation, have returned to the People at large for their exercise; the State remaining in the mean time exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and convulsions within.”

Even in Eastern Europe, people only stomached totalitarianism for so long. Eventually, this will get uglier than they can possibly imagine.

It's pathetic that some of these races are so close. The choice for Democrat is a choice for the culture of death. It's very simple. Yet the whole country is very sick and bamboozled.

Every Mastodon explanation is like "It's very simple, your account is part of a kerflunk, and each kerflunk can talk to each other as part of a bumblurt. At the moment everyone you flurgle can see your bloops but only people IN your kerflunk can quark your nerps. Kinda like email."

I highly encourage anyone who feels the need to put pronouns in their email signature or bio to do so.

It helps let me know you're a total tool without having to interact with you and find out the hard way.

Just love working with a client who has you quoting Blake Lively from “A Simple Favor”:

“You gotta go right at ’em, or they’ll fuck you in the face.”

If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.

When you regularly contract with companies where you say you would never want to work - your employees already do.

If you do business with people you do not respect, you disrespect yourself and all of your employees.

When was the last time you fired a client that was not aligned with your core values? If the answer is "never", are you sure that you could? If the answer is "no", then you have no core values. Stop lying to yourself and your employees.

Quick reminder to tyrannical company executives: Nobody believes you are smarter than you actually are, no matter how loudly you shout your irrational dictates. The Genghis Kahn school of leadership only works if you ride in on mongol ponies and kill everyone (not a suggestion).

And some oils, such as olive oil, have millennia of use to prove that they are acceptable as foods. However, that does not remain the case if they are treated chemically to enhance shelf-life, or to change their appearance.

Basically, if an oil does not go rancid or degrade, then it probably isn't too bio-compatible

^ this is a good advice in general. Grains are for the military and bad times. PUFA oils too. (Obviously since they are made from durable seeds). Civilians eat greens.

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