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I am a conservative, libertarian constitutionalist, and a staunch defender of free speech, regardless of ideology or IQ. Always let stupid people talk. It makes them easier to identify.

Leaving our children as free as our parents left us is a war without end. Best we quit whining about it, and get to fighting it.

Tony Farruggio@SaltyWarHorse


"I hope we shall never be so totally lost to all sense of the duties imposed upon us by the law of social union, as, upon any pretext of public service, to confiscate the goods of a single unoffending citizen."

-- Edmund Burke

Joe looked deep into Gupta's small dark soul, the little light it had left was gone like a birthday candle being blow out.

He whispered into Gupta's ear as the life drained from his body, "Fauci is a fucking liar and you know it."

Chapter 2: How Rogan Got CNN To Promote JRE For Free

Forcing someone to put something into their body against their wishes is RAPE. Regardless if it's to keep a job or go to school. #covid #vaccine #phizer #moderna

This week, France recalled its Ambassador to the United States for the first time since 1788.

So... um... this is what they think it means to have "the adults back in the room"?

I'll take the mean-tweeting orange man for $500, Alex.

Most deluded individuals in human history:

Democrats who still think they are the good guys.

I would be interested in hearing any counter-arguments to what Angelo Codevilla has to say here:

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