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I am a conservative, libertarian constitutionalist, and a staunch defender of free speech, regardless of ideology or IQ. Always let stupid people talk. It makes them easier to identify.

Leaving our children as free as our parents left us is a war without end. Best we quit whining about it, and get to fighting it.

Currently spending time digging into cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Started out knowing nothing. Now know slightly more than nothing.

Recently stumbled across a thread in an urbit group chat that really fascinated me. I am an ardent fan of Friedrich Hayek and the Austrian School. This monograph has been a mind-bender on government corruption of economies. Offers a fascinating alternative approach.

Once a year, we *award* government secrecy.

The Foilies recognize the worst in government transparency, allowing us to name-and-shame the government agencies and officials who have stood in the way of public access. View the winners:

Another broker, @Predicio_Apps, collected data from hundreds of apps including Fu*** Weather and Salaat First. It then sold data to @GravyAnalytics, whose subsidiary Venntel has provided location data to the IRS, @CBP, and @ICEgov.

I could not read this article without reflecting on the fact that conservatives could readily live without progressives, rebuilding a healthy, functioning society in their absence. Not convinced the reverse can be said with any confidence.

I swear, this video is so reminiscent of that scene from the opening of 2001 A Space Odyssey with the group of proto-humans gathered around a mysterious monolith somewhere in prehistoric Africa. Sadly, not one of these people seems to have gotten much smarter over the years.

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